!!! Посочените цени подлежат на промени след корекция подадена ни от производителя !!!
!!! Цените на Kratki са в процес на корекция !!!
!!! От 01.06. Invicta повишава цените на чугунените камери и печки с 15%, а на стоманените по индивидуална калкулация. Поръчки до 01.06 ще се правят по досегашните цени!!!

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If you are looking for a solution, then "SEKASTA" is the answer - a name that has already proven itself among its many customers since 1993.

If this moto is true in your opinion, then the choice of the fireplace, or more precisely - the heating, is important and long-term decision, even for those who choose it as an element of the interior.

That is the same that manages the company "Sekasta". Since 1994, when SEKASTA and DEVILLE (France) have joined hands, SEKASTA has become a representative for Bulgaria of the famous French brand.

Today we are a good partner of - INVICTA - France, - AXIS - France, - BODART AND GONAY - Belgium, - TECHNICAL - Hungary and - ORTAL - Israel.

Our clients in Bulgaria are already over 10,000 and are constantly increasing, because we try to find a good solution for our heating, guaranteed quality, qualified consultation and attention. Our aim is to expand the range of fireboxes offered. Our choice of partners is based on the good quality of the products and the proven production.

For the Bulgarian customers SEKASTA is not only among the first companies in the formation of this branch and the imposition of the fireplaces with combustion chambers of closed type, but also a competent, correct and professional contractor, for whom each client is important.

Therefore, in the specialized stores of the company is provided the opportunity to get acquainted live with a wide range of models and heating options - power, hot air distribution system throughout the home, aesthetic solutions. Sample models give an idea of ​​the real look of the fireplaces, the characteristics of the stone details, and the quality of workmanship. Working models everywhere are a condition for easier choice and security, that the investment is worth it, because you can see and feel the pleasant warmth and comfort, ease of maintenance, security and fire safety.

SEKASTA employees approach each specific case individually and professionally when choosing and making an aesthetic and heating decision in order to maximize customer satisfaction. The supply of a firebox with a "water tank" is always in this direction. It satisfies those who want to have a live fire at home and use the available water heating installation at the same time - a very economical solution in such situations.

There are already projects for combining a water heating installation (floor or with radiators) with the connection of a firebox with a "water tank", which saves a good share of electricity or other energy, as well as a certain part of heat radiators (for the room is which burning fireplace in). In this area, Sekasta works in cooperation with specialists and companies in the water heating industry to ensure operational safety.

We guarantee you:

- Fast realization - from the order to the lighting of the fireplace;

- Equal prices and conditions for all customers from all over the country;

- Competent fitting teams

With Compliments